Forbidden Pennsic DVD now available!

(SITE UPDATED 10/14/08)

Yes, you too can relive the most entertaining hour you ever spent on an uncomfortable wooden folding chair!

Did you miss the show! Now you can see what your friends have all been talking about!

Did your friends miss the show? Well, sit them down and make them watch it! What are you waiting for?


Oh, right,

You were waiting for me.


Well, the wait is over!

The DVDs are available for $5 each plus shipping.

The CDs are $3 each plus shipping.

$2 for First Class, or $5 for Priority Mail, to addresses within the US.
If you would like me to ship them via UPS or some other carrier, or if you want them shipped to an address outside the United States, please contact me and I'll calculate the cost.

And we even have a fancy order form!

To order DVDs and CDs, please print out the order form, fill it out, and send it to me with a check (NOT cash!)
if you'd rather use PayPal, print out the order form, email me with the information
(add on 50 cents per item for the PayPal fees), and I'll send you the PayPal invoice.


Any extra donations you'd like to make toward the Known World Players will be cheerfully (and musically) accepted,
and turned over to Zsof to be put to good use for future productions. Thanks!


If you'd like more information or need shipping costs, please use the form below. Be sure to include your address if you need me to calculate shipping costs.


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